Living in Wisconsin

What it’s like?

There is a lot of cheese in Wisconsin, which might not be healthy, but what is a little sweet treat in one of the unique states in the United States? There is not much to complain about the Badger State. The people are friendly, the weather is great (but winters are harsh), the residents love sports, and there is much more.

Towns in Wisconsin such as Milwaukee and Madison attract all kinds of residents bringing in with them a college town feel. The cities have beautiful landscapes with bountiful bars to spend weekend evenings. In the countryside, there are so many little towns, each with its own appeal. In these little towns, you can see the friendship and the togetherness in local coffee shops, restaurants, and recreational spaces.

Each area in Wisconsin has its beauty and its crowd with places like Madison being liberal, Green Bay loving football more than politics, and so many other cities having a unique characteristic. The State of Wisconsin is big on city life as much as it is on laid-back country life.

Festivals That Go On Season after Season

There are parties around everything in Wisconsin from food, drinks, clothing, and so many more. Milwaukee’s Summerfest is the largest festival attracting millions of residents and non-residents. The Wisconsin State Fair is another event that residents can’t miss. It comes complete with pig races, tractor pulls, sweet food, and so much fun.

So Much Cheese

The State loves cheese, but that is not where their addiction to food stops. Cheese is just one of the items that the residents love but there are also beer brats, Wisconsin butter buggers, and deep-fried fish among others. The food might not be healthy but it tastes sweet.

The State is also into sausage and fish fries. Whatever restaurant you walk into, you will have a great treat of an assortment of foods. Coffee shops and fast food joints are everywhere – you will barely pass a few blocks before you see a food place.

The Nightlife

The people of Wisconsin love their bottle – more than 3,000 pubs, bars, and restaurants. You can just step into the next store and you will have something to drink. Nightlife in Wisconsin can get wild, especially if you live in one of the big cities. Madison and Milwaukee are the best places to experience the Wisconsin nightlife. The crowd is young and vibrant and the bar streets are a buzz of activities.

Great Weather

The Badger State has great weather three of the four seasons. You will be outdoors having fun and going about your business for most of the year. Summers are awesome, a time to get the most done including biking and water sports. Spring and fall highlight the plant life in the State, a time when everyone seems to be happy. Wisconsinites are used to the brutal winter; it’s only a few months anyway before the good months come around.  Snow driving can be hectic but there are so activities to try in the snow.

A Working State

Most people above 19 years in Wisconsin are working – only a handful of people who are in between jobs. When the parties and the festivals subside, everyone goes back to their job. You will see people hurrying to catch the metro or rushing to have a bite for lunch. With so many industries and a high rate of employment, the cost of living in Wisconsin is not too and neither is it too low. But the cost of living is lower than the average in the United States – at least people can enjoy cheaper groceries and a cheaper lifestyle.