Top Tourists Attractions in Wisconsin

Year in, year out, tens of thousands of tourists visit Wisconsin in the United States. Over the past 14,000 years, Wisconsin has had a wide variety of cultures to satisfy tourists lavishly. If you’re a pleasure-seeking tourist, then, this beautiful state is a must-go for you.

In the areas of culture, geography, notable landmarks, eyes-satisfying landscapes, and other memorable physicals, the US state of Wisconsin surely takes the lead in the United States, and arguably worldwide.

Here are some notable places that continually attract numerous tourists yearly. Consider visiting one or all of them, and enjoy the abundant fun Wisconsin has to offer.

Wisconsin Dells Waterfalls

If you’re a waterpark lover, everything you can ever dream of is available in Dells’ waterfalls. Wisconsin Dells is the best location in the Wisconsin state as a haven of water parks. The area holds the prestigious title of being the waterpark capital of the world due to its many fantastic waterparks.

There are over twenty-one waterparks in the region, including Noah’s Ark waterpark, which is the largest in the United States. You’d also enjoy water-skiing thrill shows and a pleasant dilemma of choosing which waterpark to visit next. Taking a visit to Wisconsin dells would fill you with unforgettable memories and a beautiful trip experience.

House on The Rock

As the name suggests, house on the rock is a fascinating complex of structures built on a rocky region and regarded as Wisconsin’s strangest tourist attraction. Did you know why? This circus is a fascinating mixture of the spectacular and the odd, built on the top of the underground shelter rock in spring green.

History made us know that Alex Jordan Junior, a famous architect in his days, built the architectural master plan in 1959. The house also has a collection of collectibles and antiques that would enrich you with happiness, and at the same time, feed you with knowledge of historical events.

Other impressive structures added to the main building (house on the rock) will put you in pleasant awe and delightfulness. Significant additions to the building include The Music of Yesterday, a Recreation of an American Town, the Streets of Yesterday, and some other attractions that would engage your attention and enrich you with satisfying pleasure.

Circus World Museum

The Circus World Museum, located in the small town of Baraboo, Wisconsin, is a powerful attraction for circus entertainment lovers. The museum is the home of the world’s most significant circus-related artifacts and collections.

You’d undoubtedly savor the intriguing exhibits and displays of circus performances in the museum. And you can also take your kids along to enrich their knowledge with circus history.

No matter when you visit, exploring this rich museum would surely be a worthwhile activity. However, as an added advantage, when you go in the summer, you’d witness live circus performances made by different circus groups in the museum.

Devil’s Lake State Park

Devil’s lake state park was established in 1911, and it is one of the oldest and largest parks in Wisconsin. The park covers an impressive space of over 9000 acres and is one of the top five popular tourist attractions in the Wisconsin state.

Interestingly, the park likewise records more visitations than other parks in Wisconsin. Approximately three million people visit the park annually for different purposes, such as wildlife exploration, recreational activities, and sightseeing. Consider visiting yourself to experience its amazing features that fascinated millions of tourists.

As a tourist, you’ve got the privilege to choose from over four hundred refreshing campgrounds and other exhilarating visitors’ facilities in the park. You can climb, hike, fish, and participate in other stimulating activities. Have you any interest in geology? Then, cool rock formations like the balanced rock and the effigy rounds available in the site are notable sights you can behold.

Olbrich Botanical Gardens, Madison

The aesthetical Olbrich botanical garden covers an impressive area of sixteen acres, which provides a broad range of mouth-watering garden experience. You’d get to stroll different garden types like the Herb garden, Rose garden, Perennial garden, and the Sunken garden.

The beautiful Thai pavilion, surrounded with a lovely stretch of gardens, would also afford you with a rich Thailand experience on the US soil. An impressive fifty-feet pyramid known as the Bolz conservatory often hooks tourists’ attention and will catch yours as well.

The conservatory also has blooming orchards, tropical plants, free-flying birds, and a rushing waterfall that you can endlessly explore and find amusing.

Wisconsin State Capitol, Madison

The final cap of tourist attractions in Wisconsin is its immediate capital, Madison. The beautiful capital city is home to many top tourist attractions like the Wisconsin State Capitol. Completed in 1917, the Wisconsin State Capitol has a breathtaking 284-feet high dome, which is a few feet away from the Washington Capitol building, the tallest in the country.

The Wisconsin state capitol’s interior contains impressive features such as elegant rotunda, strong morals, and exquisite marble works. There are also on-site tour guides who are happy to show you around the inside of the building. You can also branch at the capitol’s excellent museum on the sixth floor. You’ve so much to enjoy in this magnificent building.

Popular Touring Means Depending on Destination

For a complete guide, I’ve included popular touring means to these top tourist attractions in Wisconsin. Examples of popular touring ways you can employ are carts, bicycles, and cars, etc. Although, l would instead suggest you use a dolly to increase the fun further.

One advantage of using a cart, for instance, is that you can construct it yourself instead of buying one and it can carry heavy souvenirs like wooden decorations because there are stores in Wisconsin that are popular for its wooden products. In those stores also, tourists can watch the during the creation of wooden artworks where woodworkers use handy technological devices with wheels in the right spot to sharpen metal tools and cut wooden objects. When going to such stores, using cart is the best option.


As home to lots of top tourist attractions, Wisconsin is a great place where you can spend your holidays or visit for fun. From the Wisconsin Dells Waterparks to the Wisconsin State Capitol, the excitement you’d enjoy never stops.