Sport Tourism Activities in Wisconsin That You Should Try

You don’t need to be a participant to become a sports tourist. Your presence as an observer is crucial to enhance your enthusiasm for sports.

 Watching your favorite sports personnel live on the game gives you the satisfaction you need as a tourist. 

Sports tourism involves traveling to watch or to participate in a game away from your country of residence.

 Wisconsin treats you with lots of sports activities as a holidaymaker. The coastline gives you the beach experience while the interior gives you the village life fun- thanks to the vast forest and farms.

 Why should you try sports tourism?

 Provides a different tourism experience

  • Widens your social circle of friends
  • Supports your fitness goals
  • Boosts your cultural identity
  • Provides a platform for marketing- business enthusiasts
  • Enhances growth and development

 The sporting activities to try while in Wisconsin

  1. Family indoor activities

Your family shouldn’t be a hindrance to enjoy your sports passion. In any case, it gives them a chance to develop their talent in sports from a tender age.

Indoor games come in handy to ensure all the family members have something interesting to do while having fun.

 The indoor activities are perfect during the winter weather, where staying out may not be conducive.

 Some of the activities to play include

  • Ping pong
  • Board games- scrabble
  • Squash
  • Car racing for kids using a PlayStation
  • Beam balancing
  • Indoor camping

Among all these, ping pong takes the lead because of the benefits. It’s a game you can try at home even if you are not a tourist out there. Have a look at the ping pong table review at to get the difference.

  1. Watching favorite games at the sports bar

The name tells it all. This is a bar and lounge designed specifically to allow sports enthusiasts to enjoy their game away from home.

As a holidaymaker, time is not an issue. As part of your activities, you spare some time to enjoy the game only in a comfortable place.

You don’t want to miss your favorite game while it’s being played. It’s a place you can eat, drink, dance, and watch the game at the same time.

The kind of screens and furniture arrangement accommodate the needs and interests of sports tourists.

The places to visit include

  • The Vue Water Front Dining and Bar
  • The Sand bar
  • Spring Brook Sports Bar and Grill
  • B-Lux Grill and Bar
  • Mamas Garage
  1. Car racing

Wisconsin is rated among the best states in the US with a dynamic car track protocols. The different tracks serve different purposes in line with the diverse car needs in the market.

You have endless options in car racing while in this emotional state. The over 50 local tracks are available to serve your car racing needs.

Here are a few of as ranked by Travel Wisconsin

  • La Crosse Speedway
  • Plymouth Dirt Track racing
  • Sugar River Raceway
  • Road America
  • Great Lakes Dragaway

Are you a car racer? Are you looking for a different racing experience behind the wheels? If yes, enroll with the authorities in any of the racing tracks and have all the fun.

Apart from the physical fitness, this is the place you informally meet who is who in the corporate industry.

  1. Golf tournament

The sports business can’t exist without the mention of Golf sports. Golfers on a business trip in this State should try some rounds.

Surprisingly there are one 500 golf courses in Wisconsin. You are spoilt for choice. All of them have well-manicured fields to give you the touch of class and professionalism associated with golf sports.

The green serene provides a comfortable ambiance away from the city life you are running away from as a tourist. Most accommodation facilities have golf clubs in the vicinity. 

As a golfer, consider that when choosing the place to stay while you enjoy the summers or winters- depending on the month of your visit.

  1. Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club

Wisconsin is the home of baseball. Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club is a professional baseball club based in Wisconsin.

Be part of their fan base while visiting this State and enjoy all it takes to see live baseball action.

The kind of life and energy among the fans dictates the fun in the stadium. The peak of t is when they play in the major league. It’s something you would want to watch over and over again.

The memorable experience in the sports arena is something you live to tell for the rest of the year.

Baseball is a game you enjoy playing or watching, even if you have no idea of what it takes to be one.

  1. Lake tourism

Wisconsin boasts of 13 lakes within the State. Geneva lake is one the cleanest lake of them all.

That dictates its popularity and the numerous cottage homes around it. There are a lot of sports activities you can do while on a visit to Geneva Lake.

The 5,000 acres of the water mass is a home for several activities which include

  • Swimming
  • Boat riding
  • Sportfishing
  • Racing along the lakefront
  • Yachting
  • Scuba diving

Anything you can do on the coastal strip can be emulated on the lakefront. Explore other activities you can do with the hotel authorities. However, ensure you follow the protocols to avoid unnecessary accidents. It’s evident sports fanatics have a lot to learn from their tourist visit to Wisconsin. You have memorable experiences at the end of the trip, and you won’t hesitate to choose the State once again as a sports tourism destination.