Take Action: Tell your state Assembly Representative to oppose right to work.

RTW-hurts-150x150On Tuesday, the Assembly Committee on Labor will begin hearing public testimony on right to work legislation in Wisconsin.

Last week, conservatives made a mockery of the democratic process in Wisconsin by shutting down the first public hearing on right to work early, denying hundreds their voice before passing the bill 17-15.

Now, the bill is heading to the state Assembly which could vote as early as this Thursday.

We know that Scott Walker and the right-wing billionaires want nothing more than to keep our voices silent. Right to work wont just hurt unions families, it will hurt all Wisconsin families by lowering wages and workplace safety standards while doing ZERO to create family-sustaining jobs all to benefit big business special interests that could care less about working Wisconsinites.

As conservatives attempt once again to muzzle democracy in Wisconsin and ram through right to work, United Wisconsin is calling on members to raise their voices and stand up for Wisconsins middle class.

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