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Wisconsin is home to the best tourist attraction centers in America. Tens of thousands visit Wisconsin each year to witness spectacular events like the air shows and meet the city’s hospitable people. There are many things you can do and many places to visit in Wisconsin as a tourist. In fact, without visiting these places or most of them, your tourism trips to Wisconsin would be a waste.

TO DO in Wisconsin

1.  Visit Noah’s Ark Waterpark in Wisconsin

Noah’s Ark Waterpark is America’s largest water park full of pleasant sights and spots for leisure activities. The water park covers over 70 acres and contains more than 50 rides and attractions. While in this water park, you could do a host of activities like golfing at the Safari Mini Golf, engage in surfing safari, take black anaconda rides, and much more.

2.  Visit the International Clown Hall of Fame

The curators at the ICHOF have collected anything clown and displays them in Baraboo for visitors to see. The ICHOF is a place for the preservation and advancement of clown art, where anyone can visit for entertainment regardless of nationality, race, religious affiliation, gender, ability, or social status.

3.  Clock Shadow Creamery

The Clock Shadow Creamery is the first and only cheese factory in Milwaukee (the biggest city in Wisconsin). The factory is among the best places in the U.S for serving cheese curds. You could have fresh or deep-fried cheese curds. The Cheese curds might not sound much of a delicious snack to warrant a visit to the Chock Shadow Creamery, but that’ll be a wrong assumption. Avoiding the cheese curds would be a crime against Wisconsin as the state is famous for cheese curds.

4.  Lambeau Field

Lambeau Field is where the Green Bay Packers is located. Green Bay Packers is the only publicly-owned National Football League in the USA. Its contribution to American sport makes Lambeau Field occupy a special spot in the country’s sports history. You can take tours of the stadium behind the scenes where you can also see the championship trophies.

5.  Visit the Harley Davidson Museum

Visiting the Harley Davidson Museum is like visiting the virtual version of America’s history. The museum has an unmatched collection of Harley Davidson motorcycles and memorabilia. It has a park 20 acres wide, a park-line campus, and a full activity calendar. Harley Davidson Museum is located in Milwaukee and is one of the top tourist attraction destinations in Wisconsin.

While at the museum, you could sit on some of the old motorcycles that line up the gallery. You could have a picture or video taken while sitting on the saddles of the variety of traditional bike designs. You can ride one of these motorcycles and feel what it’s like to jumpstart a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

6.  Visit the Circus World Museum

The Circus World Museum is a museum in Baraboo that is dedicated to preserving circus history. Among the world’s prominent circuses are the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Baily, founded in Wisconsin. At the Circus World Museum, you’ll find an extensive display of artifacts like antique wagons and others. The Circus World Museum also hosts daily life shows in the summer under a big top.

7.  EAA Aviation Museum

Aviation lovers from all over the U.S and other countries flock to Oshkosh to watch the world’s biggest airshow EAA AirVenture. There is also the EAA museum where these tourists go to see all kinds of aircraft designs from the past. There is a display of more than 200 airplanes, including those from WW2 fighter jets.